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PR || 04 Aug 2010: Condemn fresh orders of shoot-at-sight – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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Press Release

Condemn fresh orders of shoot-at-sight – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Enormities of Abdullah regime unforgettable and ferocious

Islamabad, 04 Aug, 2010: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani while hailing the high spirit and morale of the people of Kashmir in the current street-protest-movement against the unforgettable enormities of the Indian forces and the puppet Abdullah rule has, condemned fresh shoot-at-sight orders of the totalitarian regime and deployment of additional paramilitary contingents from India to crush the quit- Kashmir movement in Jammu and Kashmir.

                He said that the Indian regime’s so called head Omar and his father Farooq Abdullah were both telling record lies regarding the tragic events, and police and paratroopers were perpetrating unprecedented atrocities on the people like savages and brutes. Pointing to their oppressive measures he said the eyewitnesses and footages speak a lot as to how the gangs of armed forces and paratroopers were themselves taking lead in pelting stones, besides raining bullets and throwing teargas-shells on peaceful demonstrators or breaking into private houses and jumping over high-compound walls to harass, humiliate, and beat up inmates—including women and children.

                He said that during the last fifteen years notorious armed elements had been recruited and trained as forces to spread terror inside cities and villages according to India’s terror- policy and now India has a tool in its hands in the shape of Omar Abdullah for implementing their hidden designs in Srinagar. He cautioned that the rulers on the seat of Srinagar and Delhi were ferocious, and greedy, against peaceful resolution of Kashmir in line with the wishes of the people and the clarion call of the times. He accused the regime of harboring notorious elements in the police, giving them unbridled powers to kill, disappear and arrest  citizens and torture and humiliate women on the streets and inside homes everyday at will. Therefore, he said, the number of martyrs and prisoners was increasing in Kashmir. ”The burning and destroying of property was only the handiwork of the pet- agents of the regime, while the peaceful protesters have willed to take their historical mission of freedom to its logical end  by peaceful means and methods,” he remarked.

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