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PR || 11 Aug 2010: Martyrs of Kashmir paid tribute by Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Press Release

Martyrs of Kashmir paid tribute by Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad, 11 Aug, 2010: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League while paying glowing tributes to Sheikh Abdul Aziz who was martyred by troops in 2008 had said that the current mass upsurge in Jammu and Kashmir has revived more peacefully and vigorously the spirit of the past intifada and it is certainly an epitome of every past effort for the freedom of Kashmir. He eulogized the great sacrifices of sons of Kashmir who laid down their lives to uphold the glory of Kashmir including those 51 martyrs who were murdered by the brutal regime’s forces during the last 6 weeks. He said that the nation would never forget teenage patriots and noble sons like Fida Nabi and Syed Farrukh Bukhari who were martyred brutally by the Indian forces in the last few days in Qamarwari Srinagar and Kreeri Baramulla. He further condemned India’s new repressive policy under which troops would be issued latest guns and devices to kill the people on spot. Under the prevailing shoot-at-sight policy of the Indian regime, Prime Minister’s message from Delhi to Kashmiris was nothing but mockery of peace and non-violence. It is not the job seeking agitation in Kashmir as claimed by India’s Prime Minister. Can teenagers die for jobs, he asked.

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