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PR || 08 Sep 2010: UN Council for Human Rights must stop rights abuses – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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UN Council for Human Rights must stop rights abuses – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad, 08 Sep 2010: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has castigated Indian police and Paratroopers for rubbing up their hands with blood of four more teenagers in Palhalan and Wussan (Pattan) on Monday, urging that the gravity of the human rights violations must bring world Body’s intervention as envisaged in a number of UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir, and other similar declarations of the august body.  He said that many ruthless and corrupt police officers with already a bad public record for human rights had been appointed to crush the people’s march towards freedom. Condemning humiliation and naked parades of détentes by army and police and highlighting some of the latest human rights abuses and violations of the international law by the Indian forces in J&K, where the continuous civil uprising against the 63 year old illegal occupation of India is being dealt with full military and police force and a full scale  elimination campaign is carried out in curfew mostly against teenagers, he called upon the UN Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Penal  Reform International (PRI) to launch an international campaign against this brutal wave to protect the Kashmiris during the forthcoming ominous months, when Pakistan a party to the dispute would be facing a severe post-flood human rehabilitation problem at the domestic level.

                He said that civilians were being arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed daily in violations of the international rules, as a result most of the prisons and police camps were overcrowded with civilians and political workers without basic detention facilities adding that the number of many unknown boys and aged people in unhygienic conditions had exceeded to thousands. He said under the worst draconian laws, courts were unable to take Suo motu notice of the police excesses and abuses and even the J&K Bar Association was being victimized for giving legal aid to detainees, its President Mian Abdul Quyoom was languishing in a jail outside Kashmir along with some of the innocent civilians. Referring to the All Parties Hurriyat Conference leaders, workers and sympathizers in Jails, he said that they were being revenged for supporting the current opposition to the Indian rule in the State, adding that they could not hold meetings in their offices, because of constant police chase and search operations.

                He said that Police and Paratroopers continued arbitrary and unlawful deprivation of life of those in custody, death in custody were a severe problem and that police regularly used torture. Enumerating the stringency of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act J&K 1990, he said that no “prosecution, suit, or other legal proceeding shall be instituted against any person in respect of anything done or purported to be done in exercise of the powers of the act,” without the approval of the central Government—allowing forces to act with virtual impunity. In this law of Jungles when police or army sweeps into action, he said, it spares neither lawyers fighting for imprisoned, disappeared and tortured persons nor press reporters and  photographers covering  public demonstrations. Police swoops, search operations and crack-downs in residential houses, emphasized Farooq Rehmani that the role of the world Body be reactivated to protect the humanity in Kashmir from the ethnic cleansing, as well as South Asia from scourges of another war—may be nuclear.

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