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PR || 17 Sep 2010: Kashmir not an integral part of India – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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Press Release

Kashmir not an integral part of India – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Rehmani condemns killings and curfew

London 17 Sep, 2010: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has strongly condemned latest police and army brutalities and curfew in Kashmir, adding that the police have martyred innocent civilians. He expressed sympathizes with the grieved families and paid tribute to the martyred people. While condemning Indian force’s continuous brutal killings in Kashmir, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that every act exposed Indian Prime Minister’s claim of sincerity and capability to make peace with the people of Jammu and Kashmir. In fact practical experience always belied Indian PM’s words. He said that Indian regime in Kashmir would be remembered as the worst ever in Kashmir’s history.

He denounced consecutive sixth day of curfew restrictions followed by large scale arrests of youth, search operations and crackdowns throughout Kashmir and said that continuous curfew would worsen the situation for India and urged human rights organizations to come forward. He also condemned ban on Friday prayers across Kashmir, warning that the frustration in the minds of the Indian rulers would deteriorate peace in the region.

He also condemned statement of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and said that Kashmir was not an integral part but a disputed territory of international importance. He further said that unless and until the right of self determination was granted to the people, the peaceful movement against India and its occupation would continue.

Media Section

Jammu & Kashmir People’s Freedom League (JKPFL)
Constituent of All Parties Hurriyat (Freedom) Conference (APHC)

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