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Curfew day after day will mar students and poor-Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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Curfew day after day will mar students and poor

Deoband’s stand on Kashmir unacceptable – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad, 14 Oct, 2010: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has condemned re-imposing of curfew and police brutalities against the Kashmiris warning that the imposition of curfew day after day will only tell upon the economic condition of the people and moreover mar the educational career of millions of students in the turbulent zones. He said that there was a conspiracy to keep masses away from education as the modern world was not going to recognize any illiterate or semi-literate nation on earth and certainly faith, future, and bread of these unfortunate people would lurk in danger. He urged on the United Nation’s Education and Health Council and OIC to prevail on India and prevent it from marring career of the Kashmiri students whose schools, colleges and universities today present a dark picture in comparison to 1980s. He said although rich and influential people send their children abroad for education but where the sons of poor, unheard people and political victims would go. He asked every section of the society to get answer of this most delicate question without wasting time of their student generation.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu And Kashmir People’s Freedom League has characterized the statement of Darul-Uloom Deoband on the dispute accession of Jammu and Kashmir as contrary to the historical facts of partition and ground scenario of this state ignoring great human sacrifices of the Kashmiris in the past twenty years for freedom and right of self determination. He said that the Ulemas of the great institution should not deviate from the mission of Islam for pleasing wrongly congress rulers. "Darul-Uloom should focus on Islam, and Islamic and modern learning and social and economic uplift of Indian Muslims," adding that its remarks on Kashmir issue are untenable, illogical and incredible and have injured sentiments of Kashmiris—involved in a desperate fight for the freedom of their homeland from India.

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