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India continue to play with the basic human rights in Kashmir

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Islamabad 13 Nov 2010(PR): Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has warned of a catastrophic situation for the sea of humanity in South Asia in case of India’s continued intransigence over her Kashmir policy. He said that India continued to play with the basic human rights of the Kashmir by trampling them under its feet for so long persistently and ignominiously. India was behaving with the people like the ancient Egypt’s Pharaoh; killing youth, throwing innocent people in prisons and using inhuman third degree methods against them as if they were sheep and goats. There only fault was the cry for the right of self determination, he remarked.

He said that the Kashmiris would never abandon their struggle for the achievement of the right to self determination, as it was the right granted by Allah to humanity, and the United Nations was nothing without this foundation– adding that the Kashmiris in every decade sacrificed their human blood for it, they would not accept any other solution contrary to it. ”The graveyards spread across the state during the last 20 years proves India’s blood-thirst policies in Kashmir,” he said. He further Reminded that India would have to quit Kashmir, as did every colonial power such as; Italy from Libya, France from Algeria and Britain from India. However, he hoped that if India left Kashmir peacefully and honourably; Kashmir would be a good neighbour and address India’s security concerns in the region. Referring to Barrack Obama’s three day stay in India, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said although the Kashmiris got dismayed by his silence over the human rights violations of India in Kashmir when the US President took note of the abuses in Myanmer, when it was his moral and legal duty to focus upon India’s killings in Kashmir, but it is clear that the President was concerned on the repercussions of tension between India and Pakistan– advising both of them to remove the basic irritant in their relations. Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said whatever the conditions in the world the Kashmiris would continue to fight for the achievement of the right to self determination and would surprise the world by their determination and success.

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