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محمد فاروق رحمانی کا قائد اعظم کو انکے یوم ولادت پر خراج عقیدت

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Ghulam Rubbani father of a martyr passes away

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Ghulam Rubbani Rehmani a retired teacher and cousin of Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, passed away today at his home in Onagam Bandipore,Bandipore 20, Dec, 2010: Known educationist Ghulam Rubbani Rehmani  and cousin of Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, passed away today at his home in Onagam Bandipore, leaving behind his wife and his son Talha Jehangir noted radio broadcaster.He was ill for some time. His son Muhammad Asim Rehmani a devout freedom fighter was forcibly disappeared by the Indian army in the Bandipore sector, in July 1995.

He will be laid to rest today afternoon in his home town Onagam. On receiving the sad news Muhammad Farooq Rehmani telephoned his son Tulha Jahangir, and expressed profound grief over his father’s death and prayed to Allah for his (Ghulam Rubbani) heavenly blessings.

Tribute paid to Jamal Afghani by Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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kashmiri martyred leader jamal afghani real name ab khaliq ganai kalusa bandipore kashmirIslamabad: 14 Dec, 2010: To commemorate 17th martyrdom of Jamal Afghani (Abdul Khaliq Ghanai) the renowned and front ranking freedom commander and leader of the resistance movement in early 1990s, a glowing tribute was paid to the martyred leader’s life and sacrifices for the freedom of Jammu and Kashmir by Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League.

He was arrested by army and police on 14 December 1993 from Kupwara during his resistance campaign against Indian army’s mass killings and molestation of women and was brutally martyred in their custody.
The news of his martyrdom had spread like wild fire across Jammu and Kashmir-paralyzing public life in far and wide areas of Kashmir. On this occasion Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in his message said that the martyred young leader was a zealous advocate of Kashmir’s freedom from India from his very young student life.

He said India’s ruthless campaign of innocent killings had not come to an end since then, and the Kashmir blood is rubbed on the hands of India’s civil and military establishment, which couldn’t be forgotten.He said that in view of the great human sacrifices of the people, nothing less than freedom from India could be acceptable to the Kashmiris.

Emphasizing upon the right of self determination, he said that the world community should understand the public sentiment and not waste time in fruitless backdoor diplomacy. India should be held responsible for obstructing the path of a just resolution of Kashmir and should be told in unambiguous words to quit Kashmir.

Today to commemorate the day different meetings have been arranged in Kashmir by Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League. In Kaloosa Bandipore, people will visit the martyred leader’s grave to offer prayers for his eternal blessings and renew their pledge to fight for freedom until victory. Meanwhile, Police have let loose terror in the area to thwart any public reaction on the occasion.




Dawn of new crescent year calls for greater stress on freedom – Farooq Rehmani

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Islamabad, 8 Dec 2010, 01 Muharram 1432: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League on the eve of the new Hijrah year has emphasized upon greater solidarity and co operation between Muslim peoples of the globe against foreign occupation, political and economic exploitation, illiteracy and impoverishment of the common man in the streets and slums of Muslim and non Muslim regions of the world.

He said that the new Islamic year reminded Muslim states of their responsibilities vis-à-vis occupied Muslim lands, subjugated people and suffering humanity of this planet.

He said it was the first and foremost duty of the Organization of the Islamic Countries(OIC) to fight for the rights of the Muslims and initiate necessary measures to force the United Nations Organization for resolving all peace-threatening disputes in line with the international human rights law and aspirations of the enslaved people.

Otherwise, he warned both UNO and OIC would lose their importance to the disadvantage of the world peace. He said that today when Kashmir had become a burning topic of the world, and the Kashmiris were offering unparalleled sacrifices for their promised birth right—the right of self determination amid India’s oppression, it was up to the UN to implement its resolutions onKashmir and resolve the dispute amicably in the interest of the future generations.

He said that India and its laws had lost their force in Kashmir, since the prevailing laws were against basic human rights and heinous crimes were being perpetrated on peaceful inhabitants only to perpetuate the illegal colonial rule over Kashmir.