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Umer Abdullah Regime mocks at Judiciary says Farooq Rehmani

Srinagar Jan 8: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has strongly condemned police atrocities on political workers and youth in different parts of the valley.

He said that the regime had turned ruthless against the people to malign everybody as a terrorist and implicate them in police-concocted accusations. The ulterior motive behind anti-people tirade of the establishment is to curb the peaceful politicalmovement for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir, continuing for the last several years. He warned that India would never won this war against the peaceful people of Kashmir, because they would never abandon their struggle for the just cause of the right of self determination
The PFL chairman said that the regime of Umar Abdullah to please the army remained restless without terrorizing and imprisoning the innocent people of the State, so the establishment would do any devil’s work for their personal gains. He castigated the regime for sentencing a 15 year old boy, 10th class student of Shopian to prison under the notorious so called Public Safety Act(PSA) and urged his release without any delay. He also demanded release of all the detained workers of Hurriyat conference and civil society languishing in different jails for many years. He said the regime, notorious for its highhandedness and corruption in every walk of public life was continuously dishonoring the release orders of the High Court-a shameful act of its nature.-KGN


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