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India’s black laws give immunity to army/police from accountability, so must be repealed: Farooq Rehmani

Telephonic address of Muhammad Farooq Rehmani to Prisoner’s Seminar Srinagar
Muzaffarabad, 09 May, 2011: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has called upon Statesman, human rights activists, philanthropists, lawyers and jurists across Jammu and Kashmir and India to initiate joint measures to address plight of Kashmiri detenus languishing in various jails of J&K and India to relieve them and their relatives of mental and physical torture and trauma caused by long detentions, and inhuman prison conditions under the draconian laws of the regime. He was addressing telephonically a seminar on prisoners on Sunday,organized by All Parties Hurriyet Conference and presided over by its Chairman Syed Ali Gilani at Srinagar. He said in 1990s people of Kashmir were martyred and imprisoned under the pretext of carrying gun in their hands, now they are being brutally killed and arrested for launching a very peaceful movement for the achievement of the right of self determination.
Paying tribute to martyrs of Kashmir and commending the determination of the prisoners of freedom, he said, there are thousands of detenus in different jails and police camps of the State and India living in inhuman conditions and trial and tribulation of acute nature. They are sacrificing their today for the tomorrow of our children. Therefore, we should rise of our voice for them at every level. Besides, our brethren are forcibly disappeared, tortured and martyred in custody. They are released by courts and rearrested by police .Treatment meted out to political prisoners in prisons and an interrogation center is dreadfully tyrannical and inhuman. The UN international human rights manifesto is flouted brazenly.
He said the prison reforms and undoing of torture as urged by the world body was yet a dream in Jammu and Kashmir, and India with over seven hundred thousand army presence in the region was not ready to respect human rights principles in the state; the Kashmiris were sent to far-flung jails and outside the state, and subjected to ill treatment, given below- standard diet making them prone to diseases. Aged and teenagers also have been languishing in prisons for years.
He said there were eminent personalities in India with a human heart, whose confidence could be gained for and a peaceful campaign to unfold this great mission for the release of detenus for sake of humanity. Before concluding his speech he quoted the following couplet of Faiz Ahmad Faiz:—
Saba ki mast kharami tahi kamand nahen
Aseeri dam nahen bahar ka mosim
Bala say ham nay na dekha to ur dekhengey
Faroge ghulshan we soti hazar ka mosim.

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