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Kashmir Conference without Soul

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BY: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani
The people of Kashmir are deeply concerned over the horrible conditions of basic human rights and civil liberties in their picturesque land, that in the bygone times was an abode of peace loving and God fearing saints of the land. Those great spiritual men were not fascinated by the pomp and show of the kings of their times. They would urge on rulers to serve mankind or leave throne for the true servants of God and humanity. The character of the lovers of Allah and humanity is depicted in history books, for instance: once upon a time a Muslim king of Kashmir came to seek blessings of a saint in a village; he stood silent before him for a few moments. There was no question or answer from either side. This unusual situation forced the king, and it started to thaw, the king said, “could I serve you in any manner.” “You are standing before me; and depriving me of the sunshine, please keep aside,” came the instant reply. The picturesque valley is proud of producing one of the best cultures and civilizations– reshaped and ornamented by the Islamic perception of Eternity and humanity in the latter times. Nowadays we have lost all that peace and tranquility. Foreign occupation is very much responsible for our grief and gloom. Read more…

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Dialogue can’t succeed without ending humiliation of Kashmiris – UN special rapporteur’s report on Kashmir hailed-Farooq Rehmani

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Islamabad, 19 Jun, 2011(PR): The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has said that the upcoming meeting between Pakistan and India must focus on the human rights violations, draconian laws and plight of pro movement leaders and workers, besides exploring ways and means for the resolution of the Kashmir issue. Read more…

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