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Dialogue can’t succeed without ending humiliation of Kashmiris – UN special rapporteur’s report on Kashmir hailed-Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad, 19 Jun, 2011(PR): The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has said that the upcoming meeting between Pakistan and India must focus on the human rights violations, draconian laws and plight of pro movement leaders and workers, besides exploring ways and means for the resolution of the Kashmir issue.
He said that some senior Hurriyat leaders—Muhammad Ashraf Sahraye and Ghulam Nabi Sumjhi despite their old age and ill health were languishing in prison and Muhammad Rafiq Ganai Genaral Secretary of the People’s Freedom League–a sugar patient was being victimized under the notorious Public Safety Act for a long time. He assailed the regime for handcuffing the detenus when they were being moved from one place to another by police to show them under the category of hardened criminals. He said there was no regard and respect for international human rights laws and Kashmir was terribly a police state where men, women and children treated as suspects and dealt under extra-judicial laws. “This state of affairs has crippled economy and political liberty of the people as every Kashmiri is at the mercy of the army and paratroopers and the CRPF.” There is no transparency and authorities are not brought to book for their criminal acts against the citizens.
He urged on the Pakistani team of the dialogue to raise all these humanitarian issues with India in their meeting and urge upon the Indian regime to create conducive conditions by repealing all the black laws and releasing all political detenus from jails without pre conditions, before talks on the final resolution of Kashmir, with the true and the senior most leadership of the disputed region. He said a trusted meaningful dialogue on the resolution of Kashmir and simultaneously improving human rights condition of the State by transparency—ensuring that the state has ceased to be a Police and army state.”Actions speak louder than words, therefore the UN Council for Human Rights and other international human rights organizations must remain vigilant when India declares its intentions and initiates solid measures to resume dialogue and restore fundamental freedoms of the people, who remain deprived for the last 63 years,” he concluded.
In yet another statement he hailed the report of the special UN rapporteur Christof Heyns on human rights emphasizing the need to its follow-up by the World Body. He said that the report has vindicated other reports of the human rights organisations and now it was the moral and legal responsibility of the GOI to comply with it, and restore all civil liberties in the state under its occupation.

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