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Human rights conditions in Kashmir should open eyes of OIC/UNO – Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad, 03 Jul, 2011(PR): The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has strongly condemned India and state authorities for paying deaf ear to fresh killings of youth in Tral, Sopore, etc and 18 young men in June, 2011 in various parts of Jammu and Kashmir, adding that the land of the Kashmiris has been turned into a level killing field by the occupation forces, who wield their authority, under the J&K Public Safety Act and The Armed Forces Special Powers Act. “Passers-by, way farers and passengers, all alike face threats, humiliations and searches by the army and paratroopers,” he remarked.
He expressed concern over the condition of the leaders of People’s Freedom League Muhammad Rafiq Ganai Muslim League leader Masarrat Alam and other Hurriyet leaders and sympathizers continuously kept in detention by flouting court orders, urging their immediate release and hygienic environment and medical facilities for all the détenus until their detention. He warned India against its policy of revenge and tyranny to suppress the people of Kashmir. Referring to the role of pro India politicians and parties in Kashmir he said they were responsible for the plight of the people, as they always became instrumental to pass draconian laws in the so called Legislative Assembly. “Therefore, nothing good can emerge by associating them with the resolution of Kashmir as advocated by Maulana Fazl ul Rehman Chairman Kashmir Committee,” he said.

Regarding the role of the OIC and the UN, he said it was ineffectual under the present upsurge of the Kashmiris, because India that was ruling roost on the eastern and western boarders of Pakistan would not yield, unless Solid steps were taken on the diplomatic and political front to change the current inert policy on Kashmir. He said “the Kashmiris will continue to suffer longer than before if there is not a joint venture by both UN and OIC to take cognizance of grave human rights violations in Kashmir. For this matter they should update their record on Kashmir, which has not been done for long.”

Nevertheless, he recalled that the Kashmiris were grateful to international human rights organizations for focusing on its humanitarian aspect and spotlighting the grim picture of Kashmir without diplomatic lies and falsehoods.

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