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Addressing Human Rights Question is of Paramount importance – Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad, 12 Mar, 2012: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has cautioned world against neglecting Kashmir’s basic issue of political destiny and human rights tragedy that has seen much human blood spilt and honor of women robbed for demanding the fulfillment of the political promises and implementation of relevant UN resolutions adopted during the last 64 years of uncertainty. “All talk to encourage trac-2 or trade between Pakistan and India via LOC or directly after removing the negative list without abolishing the Indian inhuman laws and ending gross human rights abuses by the Indian troops and paratroopers is doomed to end in fiasco”, he warned. He said notwithstanding newly inked trade protocols between the two Governments Kashmir would continue to remain strictly a political question of the future of a nation that has put everything at stake to reach its goal through the internationally recognized right of self-determination.

He said that despite bilateral Pakistan-India talks, equally important was the participation of the Kashmiris in the process of resolution of the core issue. The international community must take into account the fall out of human rights violations on the future of talks and on regional peace and the world must never shirk their responsibilities vis-a-vis Kashmir. He said inhuman laws and the persistence of brutal methods of suppression terribly hinder the resolution of Kashmir dispute. “India has always paid deaf ear to it and believes in war of attrition against the present generation of the Kashmiris affecting adversely on the sub-continent’s peace and progress”, he remarked.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that since India had no moral and political grip over the land and people of Kashmir, therefore, it had taken recourse to stifling of the press, media and every other mode of communication to hide killings from the free world, foster army/police operations, and suppress protests and opposition in Kashmir. “Parliamentarians, jurists, media and business men, ex-service men ,and Government and non-Government personnel of Pakistan and India including some politicians of AJK and a faction of APHC have been holding talks on Kashmir for the past several years, but they have not been able to change the military mind-set of Delhi on Kashmir; and stop human rights violations except to start trade and connect immaterial things to the basic question of Kashmir,” he opined and further emphasized on the genuine leadership of the Kashmiris, “to sit together to deliberate on the current scenario and draw their own line of action in the best interest of the long suffering people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

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