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Unilateral flexibility on Kashmir dangerous─Great Game from Kashmir to Makran:Rehmani

Islamabad| May 14, 2012: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League has termed any unilateral shift or flexibility on the right of self-determination disastrous for the cause of the Kashmiris, urging upon the signatories of the UN resolutions on Kashmir and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to equally mount pressure on India for honoring her commitments with the Kashmiris. He said, “the Kashmiris have been groaning under the army-backed, absolutely, harsh, inhuman, and tyrannical laws for the last 22 years, and no soft approach by Pakistan or Kashmir guides India towards reason and morality. Several times Pakistan made overtures of peace towards India, and some Kashmiri/Pakistani diplomats offered proposals to resolve the Kashmir dispute, but India believes in stubbornness and coercion; not even ready to grant basic freedoms and rights to the people of Kashmir.”
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that India with her largest troop-concentration in the State only guards her undemocratic and unholy interests in Kashmir, and would only realize the gravity of the situation if the member countries, raised their voice against India’s hegemonic designs, or if the region would plunge into war .He said that only Kashmiris were offering sacrifices for peace and a peaceful resolution of the dispute, while India was sabotaging every effort towards that goal.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that the negotiations were good, but as every party had their interpretations, therefore, they did not yielded positive results; and their future was uncertain.”
He said the advocates of business relations were resting on their shallow thinking; they were not seeing beyond the ideas of market-control, and in the end political solutions also would be dictated by powerful market economies; political aspirations of the people would find no space in that environment of super-economy.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that while Kashmir was the root of all disputes, India had been portraying it as a very small item, unrelated to human beings, inhabitants of the land, or their genuine aspirations. Referring to India’s track record on the Kashmir dispute he said, “From the very inception of this dispute, India used strong-arm methods to grab more and more of Kashmir to change the Cease-Fire-Line into a permanent boundary between itself and Pakistan. The Siachen Glacier was left untouched in 1947. In fact it belongs to the State of Jammu and Kashmir, but in a clandestine move India dropped its mountain-forces on it by air in 1984. At that time there was no Pakistani army over the Glacier, although the reality was that the world had accepted it in the expedition-map of Pakistan. The first mountaineering expedition team also had under taken the journey of the SG with the help of Pakistan. But, India’s expansionist ambitions and eyes did not like Siachen’s non-military position, and finally India made this glacier the highest battle-field of the world. Again, India in violation of UN directives fenced the LOC (cease-fire-line JK) in the beginning of 2000, giving a set-back to all the peaceful efforts of the resolution of Kashmir. India’s belly of ambitions has not thinned. In order to tighten its illegal grip over Kashmir and to rise as a super economic and military power of the region, it has besieged Pakistan from Afghanistan and Balochistan, and is engineering to grab the markets, waters and energy treasures of the West Asia and Middle East. The fate of the Kashmir movement, the nexus of India, Israel, and Afghan Governments, Pakistan’s frail economy, trembling institutions, terrorism, gang-wars, corruption, and widening gap between haves and have-nots, money power in elections and other evils in both political and social order indicate that the enemy out-side is gaining support from the enemy-inside. The wake-up call should be heard, the politicians, Generals and the tycoons must think and work honestly, even at the cost of their own interests, and an honest team of representatives should be provided opportunities to rowing the ship of the nation ashore amid these thunders and unruly winds from Kashmir (IOK) to Makran.”

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