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Human Tragedy of Kashmir should be addressed collectively – Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad July 10, 2012: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has urged the All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC) to initiate solid measures addressing woes and nightmarish problems of the oppressed families, who were subjected to molestation, criminal assault, murder and rape by Indian forces and police during the past 22 years of military operations in the State.

He said, “It’s all right that we do remember our martyrs annually; we protest in the same way against countless ignoble acts of rape, murder, humiliation and other crimes, Indian army and police perpetrate on helpless Kashmiri families, who continuously live a life of grief and gloom or suffer migration to Pakistan since the creation of Kashmir tragedy in 1947.”

He further said, “Besides remembering martyrs, and victims of atrocities and observing tragic events annually, it will be far important, if we could seriously ponder over practical ways of serving the affected people by constituting a body of patriots; comprising eminent jurists, men of integrity, and immune to pomp and show.” Such a body, he said, “will be required to take up all the horrible events of the past 22 years and present day, related to the depressed and helpless families, molested women and girls; people murdered in fake encounters, and forcibly disappeared by army, police, or masked agents. Almost every home, village, town and market has in store terrific tales of grief to narrate, and seek justice against the culprits.” He said, “ No victimized father, or a widow, or a forlorn mother or any molested woman can rest unless a killer or a robber of a woman’s chastity stands in the dock and receives an exemplary punishment. Although the perpetrators of heinous crimes against humanity got off scot-free long ago, but the people can recognize them and their masters in every garb, or look.”

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has enumerated the tragic episodes of this decade to awaken the conscience of the world, and his countrymen, especially the politicians and the clergy who are at the helm of affairs in Kashmir. He laments, “until today we left every such awful incident unaddressed, unattended and uncared for; the result is that these criminals, or their masters whether in uniform or otherwise wander freely, unnoticed and unpunished for their crimes against humanity.”

He said that if the political leadership addressed these problems quickly and honestly across the board, that could be the real service to the nation, and not pretty rhetoric which we practice in our daily political life. Serving helpless and oppressed people selflessly is quite different from carrying a large attaché of claims and ‘certificates’ to hoodwink the world today.

He said, “The victimized, tormented and humiliated men and women are losing their patience, because we failed to address their melancholy and plight by creating a mechanism to stand by them. Our world has failed in duty to bring to book human-brutes in Jammu and Kashmir. The killers of humanity in Kashmir deserved treatment of war criminals. It was the duty of the world, the world organizations to knock at the door of the international court of justice, against the rulers of this regime, whether a Governor, or a chief executive or a commander or whoso ever committed a crime or ordered to kill or rape women, or forcibly disappeared an innocent man or woman. If it was not done yesterday, it should be done today. We would be astonished to know that six decades on the Russians are still searching for their World war 11 dead. If again we cannot feel the pulse of our silent majority and God forbid failed to create a mechanism to address the bereaved and forlorn, the time can come, when the new generation will show its volt-face. The details of unforgettable and tragic episodes of Kashmir may be found in my separate article on human tragedy of Kashmir. Our posterity will remember us, by our deeds, not by empty rhetoric, or talk-shows or hollow claims.” -End

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