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Pakistan-India bilateral steps no substitute for Right of Self-determination-Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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Srinagar 06 September 2012(PR): An unusual meeting of The Jammu and Kashmir People Freedom League was today held here, to discuss the current political situation besides organizational matters. The Chairman of the organization Muhammad Farooq Rehmani addressed the meeting telephonically from Islamabad.
Muhammad Rafiq Ganai, General Secretary, Muhammad Altaf Khan, Chief Organiser, Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah, Haji Ghulam Ahmad, Arshad Aziz and other members attended the session of the People’s Freedom League. While reviewing the Current regional and international situation and its bearing on the Kashmir Conflict, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that nothing could be a substitute to the right of self-determination, without which no Pakistan-India agreement could guarantee peace and reconciliation in Jammu and Kashmir.
He pointed out that whatever Pakistan and India were doing for trade and travel, had not brought peace, prosperity and security to the inhabitants of Kashmir, who were groaning under tyranny and human rights abuses for decades. There was no democracy, no civilized rule of law and no human rights; and now teenagers were being tried under very harsh laws, and detained under the so-called J&K Public Safety Act, he observed. He said peace and security couldn’t be a prerogative of capitalists and rulers only; it was equally the right of a common citizen and a political worker.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani hailed devotion and enthusiasm of youths for freedom and paid tribute to martyrs of Kashmir.
General Secretary Muhammad Rafiq Ganai briefed on the current political, economic, social and cultural conditions of the State. It was pointed out that a deep-rooted conspiracy had been hatched to alter the demographic structure of the state; in this context unprecedented yatra-influx from northern India aimed at harassing the Muslim inhabitants was quoted, which had nothing to do with the religious rituals of the minority community. Expressing grave concern over these developments, it was pointed out that the age-old communal harmony was under threat, and all the religious communities of the State should counter the conspiracies of out-siders by their unity and solidarity.
The concern was also expressed over moral degradation by drink, dine and dance activities in the name of culture. It was disclosed that the rulers of Delhi and Srinagar were patronizing immoral activities to divert the attention of the Kashmiri youth from the freedom movement. The meeting urged the youth to guard their Kashmiri culture and identity which could sustain their struggle in all circumstances.
The J&K People’s Freedom League in its session castigated the regime for refusing to disclose truth about thousands of missing Kashmiris, and appealed the world human rights groups to raise the issue before the proper forum, to expose designs of India in Kashmir.
(Press Release-Information section)

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