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Islamabad 17 Sept 2012:The Chairman of The Jammu and Kashmir People’s freedom league has strongly denounced the making and airing of the most ignominious and blasphemous movie about the holy prophet(SAWS),the last of all the Prophets of Allah and symbol of Prophet hood, in the united states on 9/11 deeply hurting the Muslims across the world. He said, “This profane and criminal act is a deliberate attempt to create wedge between the followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, use anger and anguish of Muslims as a pretext to start war against the Muslim world.” He said the protest against the anti-Islam movie “Innocence of Muslims” by the Muslims around the world was obligatory under the fundamental Muslim beliefs, so part of a natural religious phenomena; despite being furious over the sad murder of its ambassador in Benghazi, America should have swiftly acted against the makers and actors of this film; instead Washington was going to deploy forces in as much as 18 different locations in the Crescent world, which had the potential to further deteriorate its trembling relations with Muslims throughout the world. The inaction of the US Government against the makers of this grossly flagrant movie and ever-ready support to them by Florida pastor Terry John is again condemnable. But he urged the people to express their sentiments in a peaceful manner.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said Muslims were already furious and skeptic over the partisan role of the US and the West over Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. when the fresh troop deployment would only add fuel to fire and jeopardize peace and stability of the world.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said America and its western allies should analyze and judge current situation wisely, learn lessons from the turmoil in the Muslim world, ban all anti-Qur’an and ant-Prophet(SAWS) activities, stop ridiculing and opposing the Muslim religious laws among the Muslim citizens, stop drone hits on the territory of Pakistan, withdraw foreign troops from the Muslim countries, and interference, intervention in the Muslim world and reject occupation of the Palestine and Kashmir by alien forces of Israel and India.
He said that on one side America and west wanted close friendly relations with the Muslim states, including the Muslim support for the so-called war on terror, while on an another hand they were harming their relations with the Muslims by allowing blasphemy in the name of so-called freedom of speech. This double standard must end for the future of humanity on the planet of earth.

    September 18, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    sir this is the height of disrespect towards our Prophet (SAW) and the entire Islamic world, they even burnt our QURAN-E-PAK. Please explain us the low level of JIHAD we can do in this situation. Sir enough is enough, what worst can happen to the muslim world. If i am not wrong, JIHAD is the last resort. All Muslim, who love their Allah, Prophet(SAW) and Holy Quran, stop using buying any of the foreign material in any form product, serivices,

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