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Allama Iqbal’s message is great source of self-confidence–Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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Islamabad.09,November 2012: Chairman Jammu & Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has paid glowing tributes to the life and works of Allama Iqbal on his 135th birth anniversary in the following manner:-
“Allama Iqbal is recognized as the poet of East, but his great contribution is deep into the historical and philosophical realms and thought developments of humanity without any discrimination, although he directly addresses the Muslims; as they are the one on whom rests the responsibility of spreading the message of the Prophets of Allah, which was finalized and perfected by The Prophet Muhammad PBUH through Qur’an, the last of all revealed Books of Allah on the planet of earth. Iqbal’s poetry not only succeeded in creating self-confidence and self-reliance among Muslims and oppressed peoples of the East, but it still gives and will continue to grant emotional strength to them in future, against the challenges of the changing and developing world. Many old ideas are dying, and boats that carry them are sinking, but the philosophical poetry of Iqbal as watched/guided by The Qur’an and The Prophet of Allah(PBUH) will continue to shine for times immemorial in history. Iqbal’s poetry and lectures on Islam gave a new life to the Muslims of the 20th century India, when they were suffering from a sense of decline, both politically as well as psychologically.
Scholars of Iqbaliyat believe that Iqbal imparts prophetic poetry, e, g; before his last journey he sang:-
The melodies bygone may come again; or never more/The Zephyr from Hijaz may come again; or never more/The days of this Faqir are ended now; for evermore/And yet another seer may come or not; forevermore!
Renowned scholar and Mujahid of Islam of Sham(Syria), Shakib Arsalan, recognized Iqbal’s vision and achievements in these words, “The world of Islam hadn’t thrown up a thinker of his caliber during the last few centuries.”
As a political thinker he raised his voice against slavery, occupation and colonization of weaker nations by mighty European invaders and aggressors. In his poetry he condemned the British rule on India and the cultural tirade and onslaught of European colonialists; and in one of his poems he thanked Allah for not allowing Europeans to rule at least over The Hell. Eloquently Iqbal expressed in urdu:-
Allah tera shukur ki yeh Khetah pursoze
Sudagari Europe ki ghulami say hay Azad.
Iqbal was a great champion and an ardent advocate of freedom movement of India, and saw salvation of Muslims of India in an independent Muslim State which is evident from his Allahabad lecture 1930.Iqbal basically being from the Kashmiri descent, organized support for his ancestral land’s freedom from a despotic Dogra monarchy of 19th century. For that aim in view, Kashmir committee of Lahore was reshaped and organized under his chairmanship to boost the freedom struggle of the kashmiris, which challenged the Dogra Monarchy of Jammu and Kashmir in July,1931.His speeches, writing, and poems infused new blood into the veins of kashmiris for freedom. He predicted “wait and see a nation rising from the graves without any trumpet-call.” But Iqbal passed away in 1938, without seeing the dream land of Pakistan; and not seeing his ancestral land Kashmir being invaded by Nehru’s troops and finally making it a killing field by the Indian army. However Iqbal’s prophetic verses about Kashmir were vindicated and Kashmiris continue their freedom struggle under his philosophical-poetic inspiration.
Today when Pakistan and Kashmir equally celebrate Iqbal’s birth anniversary, we have to see how quick we adopt Iqbal’s message of Islam and humanity in our day to day life and become a dynamic and patriotic and an honest force to be reckoned with. Today we are being humiliated, insulted and abused internally and externally, and our fate is in doldrums. The concept of a free and an independent state or homeland will not survive and appeal the new generation, until and unless we learn from the causes of decline and honestly work dynamically in political, religious and social thought- process; keeping in view Iqbal’s teachings and the basic source of his message, failing which the punishment, God forbid, could be disastrous for Pakistan and umma.”End

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