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Revengeful interpretation of law is terrorism–Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

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Islamabad 18,November 2012(PR): The Chairman of Jammu & Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has strongly denounced the misinterpretation of life term and punishment against Muslim League Chief Dr Qasim Fakhtoo, and some other detainees as a revengeful act and a dangerous interpretation of law to languish freedom supporters in jails as long as life.
He said that to allow Kashmiri detainees to die in prisons, by lengthening their term of imprisonment is yet another method of state terrorism, which has horrible Implications and ramifications for peace, peaceful life of citizens and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict. He said, “if judiciary can interpret laws to suit the designs of the establishment, then there is no Kashmiri political prisoner or activist left safe or immune from prosecution; meaning that the state has an easy access to fate of any inhabitant in the state without reason. He said the latest ruling of the apex court has not helped judiciary’s image in the State.
The legal fraternity should come forward to save political prisoners from dying in jails due to misinterpretation of the law. He said that it alluded to collaboration between the judiciary and the executive in the state and could doom justice in Kashmir. The members of the legal community including judges should understand its implications and should stand for justice and human rights against state highhandedness. In the matter of delivering justice every accused and suspect should be given fair trial and enough opportunity to defend his/her case.”

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