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World looks to Islam for durable peace: Farooq Rehmani

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Islamabad, Oct 14: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has felicitated Muslims on the eve of Eidul-Adha, expressing the view that although the Muslims are the torch bearers of the message, struggle and sacrifices of Hazrat Ibrahim(AS) and Hazrat Ismael(AS), but the Christians and Jews also have faith in them and mankind have all regard and respect for Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). Therefore future of humanity looks towards the followers of these three great faiths. While Muslims have faith in all the prophets of Allah and the books revealed on them in different times; Jews and Christians distorted or modified Allah’s revelations sent through His Prophets, according to their interests and desires, and finally ridiculed Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) as the last messenger of Allah on Earth and Qur’an as the last Book of God for mankind. Read more…

Protest sit-in against HR abuses; Police arrests 8 Peoples Freedom League activists in Srinagar

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