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Honesty was hallmark in Prophet’s [PBUH] times: Farooq Rehmani

Farooq-Rehmani-Kashmiri-hurriyat-leaderEid message of Muhammad Farooq Rehmani
Islamabad, July 17, 2015: In his message of felicitations on the Eidul-Fitr, to the people of Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir, the Chairman Jammu & Kashmir People’s Freedom league—former convener All Parties Hurriyat Conference AJK, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has said: “Unfortunately this Eid as before in the previous decades is Eid of trials and tribulations for the Muslim Ummah . But now-a-days owing to infighting among the Muslims their 14 hundred year old cemented bond of fraternity and solidarity looks fragmented and torn into pieces. Indeed, the Almighty Allah after the moral and religious decline of the Bani-Israel, had through Muhammad the last Prophet PBUH and the Quran bestowed upon the followers of the last Prophet (PBUH) the crown of world’s leadership. But, the same ummah is slaughtering each other and the Muslim blood has become cheaper among Muslim rulers, politicians, religious scholars and common people. The blood-shed in the rank and file of Muslims has made it easier for anti Islam elements/powers to accomplish their imperialistic designs. In fact, the problems of the Muslims continue to hang between heavens and earth as the Muslim countries are demolishing their own edifice of unity with their own hands. India has turned the occupied Jammu & Kashmir in to a big prison and homes of freedom fighters and their leaders have been made detentions camps.
The occupying power is emphatic on the resolution of Kashmir by denying the Kashmiris the right of self determination and Indian army is suppressing the movement of freedom by an unabated terror and bloodshed- campaign in the region. Today’s Kashmir gives a look of a formidable security zone and an iron certain has been erected along the LOC facing Pakistan. The New Delhi government is in the hands of a hard liner Hindu organization led by Prime Minister Nerindra Moodi who is bent upon eroding the identity of Kashmir as a Muslim majority state. The Indian regime works on a plan to create a separate enclave for Hindus who had fled to Jammu and Delhi in aftermath of 1990 uprising in Kashmir according to the Jagmohan-Plan . Besides, India wants to confer citizenship rights of Jammu & Kashmir on the West Pakistani Hindu refugees of 1947. The people of Jammu & Kashmir have been deprived of their fundamental human & political rights and the right to self-determination. They have been urging upon the world since the India & Pakistan independence to prevail upon India to give the people their birthright to decide their destiny. They further want that Pakistan, India and the Kashmiris should jointly resolve the issue through dialogue. Kashmiri leadership has been pretty clear emphasizing on Pakistan to conduct dialogue with India on equal footing and in line with the basic stand of the people of Kashmir. Notwithstanding a very rough and tough road ahead we are determined to continue our peaceful movement against the occupation of J&K by India and would never kneel down before its size and might. As believers of Islam, we should not forget atrocities and brutalities on our Muslim brothers in different parts of the world. It is said that because of the negligence and the indifferent attitude of Muslim countries, terrorism and genocide, gang-rape, of gory nature has been unleashed by the Budhist monks with full support of the Government against the Rohingyan Muslims of Myanmar (Burma). Thousands of the Rohigyan Muslims have been forced to flee only to fall in the trap of smugglers to be finally thrown in to violent sea-waves. Still the neighboring Muslim or non Muslim states ignore their plight, refusing them shelter in their countries. In Palestine, Israel continues its Zionist policies of genocide and displacement of the Palestine Arabs to settle Israelis illegally in the Arab lands. It is again sad that in Palestine the animosity between Hamas and Al-Fatah authorities is benefiting only the Zionist government of Israel. Similarly, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan-Muslims are thirsty of each other’s blood. In these regions naked dance of Muslim bloodshed, each day armed gangs and hoards with strange slogans are appearing to suck blood of innocent Muslims in the historical valleys of Dajlah & Farat. Today Dajla and Euphrates see nothing but pools of blood. In the beautiful valley of Nile of Egypt military dictators are repeating terrorism of pharaoh and the regime is carrying on judicial and custodial killings of the members and sympathizers of the Muslim brotherhood across the country. The former elected president of Egypt Muhammad Mursi is ready to be executed by his own appointed military chief Sisi. Afghanistan is no exception where peace seems to be a pipe dream. But apart from the suicide-campaign, and infighting, Indian agents and infiltrators are running an armed campaign of bloodshed along the Pakistan- Afghanistan boundary to create instability in Pakistan. Today on the auspicious day of Eid, no doubt Islamic world looks helpless before the anarchy created by its enemies but the world should understand that this state of insecurity and imported/rented terrorism have potential to disturb and destabilize the entire world. The flames of war are always blind. The sensitivity of relationship of the world peace and the Muslim security shouldn’t be ignored. Under the given circumstances the Muslim governments and the Muslim leadership have heavy responsibilities on their shoulders. It is the duty of world Muslim organizations, institutions and governments to be proactive to prove that blood is flowing in their veins. Equally world powers and the United Nations in corporation with the world Muslim leadership should take Muslims into confidence to end all sorts of injustices and excesses being perpetrated on Muslims around the world. They should resolve all issues which can jeopardize world peace. Eid tells Muslims that they should come out of shallow and superficial thinking, their rulers and clergy should stop puppet shows and follow in letter and spirit the teachings of Islam. The Muslims should demonstrate their moral character before the world. Honesty and truthfulness was the hallmark the Prophet’s (PBUH) times, best weapon given by Him(SAWS) to them that illuminated humanity on the planet of Earth; and the world had welcomed the advent of Islam and rise of Muslims on the horizon of the East in the desert of Arab peninsula. The suffering humanity will again welcome Muslims (in shaa Allah), provided they showed their worth and broadened their horizons.

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