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Nazir Ahmad Shah a great freedom fighter of 1990s: Farooq Rehmani

Islamabad, June 15, 2016: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League and former Convener All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC) AJK, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has paid rich tributes to Shaheed Nazir Ahmad Shah—a great and dedicated leading freedom fighter of 1980s and 1990s, who was martyred by Indian troops and their collaborators on June, 15, 1994 in Bemina Srinagar. He had succeeded famous commander of J&K Jehad Force (renamed Al-Fatah Force later), Jamal Afghani in December 1993, after the latter’s martyrdom on December 15, 1993. He was among those rare top ranking freedom fighters of his times, which was not product of accidental or ambitious politics of Kashmir.

He believed in universally acknowledged ideology of liberation and right of self-determination. In 1974, as a student he risked his life, to challenged Sheikh Abdullah’s new decision of reconciliation with India, during a public gathering in Bandipora, when the later was on a campaign-tour to the town for an accord and rapprochement with Indra Gandhi (then PM India).
Nazir Ahmad Shah was among front rank youth leaders who led political and armed struggle in Jammu and Kashmir without personal ambitions—hall-mark of present time political noise and media-show.
Both Abdul Khaliq Ganai (Jamal Afghani) and Nazir Ahmad Shah became victims of collaborators of the Indian troops who are still active with different faces in the political field. Army and police with the help of again renegades and Indian collaborators have martyred thousands of workers and companions of both of them during last decades. Some of them are quoted here: Fayaz Ahmad Shah of Barzala: 20-1-94, Gh.Muhammad Gujri AKA Nasir Bahktiyar of Solinah on 9-4-95, Gh. Nabi Khan Rustum on 28-6-97 at Dumb gali Bandipora, Bashir Ahmad But Khalid Islam in Bandipora on 2-12-93, Shawkat Ahmad Mir Aloosa in May 1992, Mumtaz Ahmad mir Aloosa on 12-9-92, Gh. Hasan shah Aloosa Baramulla on 9-6-92, and hundreds others were martyred during 1990s.
All these martyrs who laid down their precious lives for the liberation of mother land deserve our love and reverence for good. We pay respects to all and one. They sacrificed their day for the nation’s tomorrow. Let us remember them by defeating enemy’s plans, and designs and those of its collaborators.
میرے خاک و خون سے تو نے یہ جہاں کیا ہے پیدا صلہ شہید کیا ہے تب و تاب جاو دا نہ


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