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JKPFL pay tributes to Bashir Ahmad Sheikh (Gazi) and others on their 15th anniversary

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Islamabad, Feb 12 (PR): Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has paid glowing tributes to Shaheed Bashir Ahmad Sheikh nom de gurre Gazi, chief commander of Al Fatah Force, and his companions: Shabir Ahmad Mir (Waqas), Abdul Ahad Jan and and Saleem Khan, who were martyred by the Indian army and SOG, in one of the terrible Bandipora` encounters on 13, February 2002 in Watruna Bandipora.

Gazi Bashir was known throughout Kashmir for his dedication, motivation, high moral ground and public attitude. He had become chief of Jihad Force in 1994, following the martyrdom of Nazeer Ahmad Shah, and remained active in the struggle for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir since 1970s. Gazi’s martyrdom was marked by complete shutter-down/protests across Kashmir and thousands of people offered Jenazah to him in Kaloosa Bandipora. J&K People’s Freedom League has organized programs in Kashmir on his 15th anniversary to pay homage to the martyred son of the soil.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani expressed the view that India thought by killing ruthlessly great mujahedeen and civilian supporters or sympathizers during the last several decades, the Kashmiris would be brought under submission, but Indian regime proved wrong as the freedom movement had gained sound political and moral ground.

The Kashmiris can never compromise their aims and objectives for which they had been offering unparalleled sacrifices since the last century. He cursed Indian rulers for being extremely pig-headed on the question of resolving the Kashmir dispute peacefully according to the UNCIP resolutions. India had no locus-standi in Jammu and Kashmir because Kashmir was a security state where police and Para-troopers were wielding extra- powers to decide anything and kill in or outside a house on a street any one – man or woman at will. He said thousands were suffering with wounds of pellet-guns, hundreds had been blinded by pellet-firings and thousands were in prisons in J&K and India. Still there were scores who were languishing in Indian jails for the last 20 or 22 years.

He ridiculed India’s judicial system saying Kashmiris were being sentenced on flimsy grounds and life sentences were passed to mean death in prison cells without any defense of the accused. He urged India to come to terms with realities in Kashmir and decide the dispute in line with the principle of the right of self-determination with Kashmiris and Pakistan. He emphasized on the UN Security Council and the General Assembly to be active on the path of resolution and shun its double standard on Kashmir. He warned that the Kashmiris would never permit India to change the demographic composition of the state by issuing state subject certificates to Indians, allotting or demarcating land for ex-service men, Pundit colonies, Hindu yatrees or others. Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and it will continue to be so, no puppet and hypocrite regime will be able to hoodwink Kashmiris, he warned.

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