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Negligence on Kashmir dispute/resolution is deplorable: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Negligence on Kashmir dispute/resolution is deplorable: Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Muzaffarabad, April 29 (PR): In a memorandum to world and regional organizations/powers, today on the Kashmir’s internal situation and how it continues to remain neglected in the power corridors of the world, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League/ former Convener of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) AJK, expressed grave concern and deplored the silence of the countries at the helm of affairs as under:-

“The Kashmir dispute is an internationally recognized one under the UN Security Council resolutions and according to the promises made by India and Pakistan with the people of J&K to hold plebiscite in the entire State for ascertaining the wishes of its population. But, today neither the international community nor the regional leaders take any interest in addressing the root cause of the conflict in South Asia or give any space to Kashmir in their conflict-resolution activities. Consequently, the people of Kashmir are facing blood-bath and human rights abuses perpetually at the hands of the occupant Indian troops day in and day out. In spite of, funeral rites and prayers for the martyred youth are attended daily by thousands of people in the affected parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Helicopters are being used by army to shower pellets and bullets on residential places to kill all and sundry.

Rape and murder of an 8 year Muslim girl in the village — Rasana Kathua in January by Hindu police men and members of the ruling Hindutva BJP in a temple have exposed the conspiracy of the Indian Hindutva regime to intimidate the Muslim population and force them to flee from their villages to occupy their lands, meadows and homes for good. The authorities and leaders of the BJP led regime are hand in glow with the vested interests to undermine the due process of law to save the culprits and rapists in the Kathua ‘rape cum murder’ case. All the killers and rapists should be brought to justice & justice must be seen on ground.

The situation has become too vulnerable and susceptible to be dealt with impartially because of the Modi-Mufti regime’s connivance and anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir mindset; and their past track record. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that the international and regional organizations particularly the United Nations initiate regular debate on the long lingering dispute, force India and Pakistan to hold talks and create space for the Kashmiris between them to resolve the differences by peaceful means. It is urged that a fact-finding mission by the U.N, E.U, O .i. C, and international human rights organizations are immediately sent to Jammu and Kashmir to assess the conditions on spot.

It’s extremely condemnable that the Mufti-Modi regime have unleashed forces of terror and revenge against the Hurriyat leaders , workers, sympathizer and civilians to arrest and detain them under various inhuman laws of imprisonment in different jails and have invoked/ imposed prohibitory rules to prevent their nearest relatives to meet them in their detention centers. Thus, the regime is behaving with the detainees like beasts in a jungle. The United Nations council for Human Rights and the International Court of Justice should take it into account and censure India for hers gross and flagrant human rights behavior and steps in Jammu and Kashmir.”

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