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Kashmiris in Labyrinth

July 19, 2018 Leave a comment

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani
Way back in 1947 or 48, ‘The New York Times’ compared Kashmir with a powder keg, but recently, the paper characterized it as “the religious melting pot of India.” Undoubtedly, Kashmir has turned out to be an active volcano between the 2 nuclear states of South Asia—India and Pakistan. Super power interests have not encouraged rapprochement and resolution between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. Therefore, the inhabitants of this fascinating land of meadows, lakes, rivers and gushing streams are on an endless odyssey in a labyrinth –trackless trails. Only God can help and change the course of events, people at the helm of affairs are indifferent to pangs of their fellow beings. Kashmiris are in a whirlpool and their leadership lacks clout to explore pathways and safeguards for the political destiny of the people. Different known and unknown groups surface every now and then on the ground with their symbols and slogans while Some look mysterious in character. The leaders have lost reigns of leadership in their hands.

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