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Enormities of State Repression in J&K

By Muhammad Farooq Rehmani
Notwithstanding global push behind de-escalation move and plan, between Pakistan and India in the wake of recent stand off, the magnitude of state terrorism does not show any downward trend in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India treats this State as its serfdom and inhabitants are sheep and goats to be kept in bondage hand -cuffed in prisons or homes and killed at will. With them Indian Muslims are no exception and some doze in the form of beating or lynching is awarded to them as well because their fault is belief in Islam.

The Modi regime is preoccupied with steps to winning the 2019 general elections in the name of fanning Hindu fanaticism and chauvinism but it suffers from Islamophobia and has a target to kill 2 birds with one stone– in Jammu Muslim belt and all of Kashmir valley it wants to grab power in the forthcoming elections. These are the short-term motives and the long-term designs are all the more nefarious vis-a-vis Islam, Kashmir and Pakistan. Therefore, the fanatic Hindu mobs have been give free hand to beat or bleed the Kashmiris– students, fruit-benders, shopkeepers, pherywallas( shall-sellers), street vendors, throughout India.
Already, hundreds of leaders and sympathisers of the APHC, JIJK and other organisations have been arrested and sent to the non-state jails in India In continuation of the police unbridled drive against the kashmiri leaders. Muhammad Yaseen Malik, Head of the J.K.L.F, Spokesman J.I J.K advocate Ali Muhammad and members of other pro-freedom parties, were arrested in Srinagar and detained under the black law J.K.P.S.A in KotBalwal Jammu. Needless to say that the Kashmiri leaders like Shabeer Ahmad Shah, Massarrat Aalam Butt, Dr. Qasim Fukto, Aasia Andrabi, Fahmeedah, Naeem Ahmad Khan, Altaf Shah, despite having completed the sentences or detentions and scores others are languishing in the Indian prisons since 1990s. Ironically, court orders to release them are being flouted by the police and they are rearrested frequently particularly, in the case of Massarat Aalam Butt. Syed Ali Geelani Chief APHC and Meerwaiz Maulana M. Farooq have been put under house-arrest
By getting free hand from the Delhi and State regimes, the authorities and the saffron-shirted activists of the Vishwa Hindu Dal (V.H.D), R.S.S and other fanatic Hindutva-gangs have let loose a reign of terror in Kashmir, specifically in the Jammu region. Unbridled and terrific crack-down and nocturnal raids, & search operations take place in Kashmir. During this terrific drive against the innocent dwellers/residents, the army and police authorities perpetrate & unleash terror and atrocities on the victimized and frightened families. They are humiliated. Obviously, this shameful Kashmir and Islamophobia looks unending and certainly carries dangerous elements to create disaster in the region. The unbridled terrorism can not control its own consequences later.
This ugly state of affairs demands that the UN Secretary General and big powers of East and West join their heads together to resolve the conflict peacefully by taking into account the root cause of tension in the South Asia. To achieve this goal, the U.N.S.G should urge the concerned states to grant real space to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and their true popular leadership to including them in any future dialogue without any hesitation.The people and the representatives of J&K have capability to open the knot and they want sincerely peace in the region and are eager to settle their political destiny and political set-up themselves in line with the UN charter and manifesto. Undoubtedly, the leadership of J.K will look towards peace, security and solidarity dawning on this turbulent region.
In this precarious situation, Pakistan has moral, political and constitutional responsibility to build a pro-active political and diplomatic pressure around the globe to end horrors of the Indian onslaught on the kashmiris in their genuine and legal fight to gain their political space and achieve their political aims and objectives. Presently, India’s draconian laws have squeezed their basic rights and freedoms and their age-old historical demographic character is in danger. A fresh nexus between India and Israel and the arms-deal between the two war- mongering states has added fuel to fire, which need to be addressed immediately in the large interests of the nuclear peace in Asia.

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