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War and Peace

(By Muhammad Farooq Rehmani)
” One of the retired Indian spy masters says, ” war is not a picnic. ” But, can he sell this a million dollars saying to his PM Mr. N. Modi, who is a worshipper of his country’s Kali goddess of death and destruction. Recently, India in the Jaipur Prison, savagously stoned to death an innocent Pakistani prisoner Shakirullah, and 45 years back tortured and cut the tongue of a 1965 Pakistani war prisoner, Maqbool Hussain, inflicting on him custodial disappearance for over 40 years against all Geneva protocols and international humanitarian laws.

Only after 4 long decades he was allowed to walk out of his prison-grave to stun and shock the Pak army officers by reporting at his Pak-unit, though he had been turned dum by his Indian army captors. All eyes were tearful when his unit recognised Maqbool by his belt number. None in Pakistan knew about his captivity in Pakistan. There are so many other such ugly instances. This being only a tip of an iceberg and Kashmir offers voluminous Books of facts on India’s broken promises, molestation of women and all types of reprisals since 1990.
As is clear, the PM Pakistan Imran Khan has offered an Olive branch to Delhi by deciding to release the captive Indian pilot of the IAF- Nandan to further strengthen his peace resolve and offer of peaceful negotians with India.
As is understood well that the US, China, Saudi Arabia and the UN Secretary General and rest of the nations are on one page regarding de escalation between Pakistan and India. They have mounted their diplomatic and political pressure for many reasons on both countries as in past. Notwithstanding, this must not be under estimated or ignored that Indian regime have very ill designs about peace in the region and also regarding the resolution of the Kashmir dispute–the root cause of tension and escalation in the South Asia.
India wants to continue 20 years old undeclared war of savagery against the innocent kashmiris to completely curb their struggle for freedom. If in the given conditions de escalation took shape without Kashmir and kashmiris, it can not last long. Because , India Will not stop its ruthless war inside the occupied territory of JK and will no doubt gain breathing space to creating an upheaval in the centuries old Muslim majority character by implementing its cunning demography plans. Therefore, the big powers, Muslim states , etc who are engaged with Pakistan and India should urge India to fulfill her promises about the right of self-determination or give space to the true political leaders of JK in all negotiations and take political and legal measures towards restoration of basic freedoms here. Unfortunately, India has taken most ugly steps of search and arrest operations across the occupied region– rounding up and imprisoning hundreds of leaders of Hurriyat- young or old or sick from their beds or has house-arrested them. Does it mean peace or war?. UN SC, US , UK, SA, who look concerned about the regional escalation should underscore the facts of the conflict and address escalation and Kashmir simultaneously for establishing meaningful and durable peace between Pakistan and India. “

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