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PFL General Secretary – Asthma Sufferer

Islamabad, May 16 (PR): The Chairman of the J&K People’s Freedom League and former Convener APHC Azad Jammu and Kashmir , Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has expressed grave concern over deteriorating health condition of his party General Secretary, Muhammad Ramzan Khan who is suffering from acute Asthma for the last several months because of the unhigienic conditions in his place of detention during last one year.

He said that despite being an Asthma patient his house was being raided frequently and he was repeatedly detained and lodged in different police stations but the authorities never arranged any sort of treatment for him. This resulted in developing acute Asthma in him causing serious damage to his lungs. Muhammad Farooq Rehmani said that the life of Muhammad Ramzan Khan is presently in danger and the responsibility is on the police authrities that looked callous towards sick Hurriyat leaders and workers. He urged on responsible authorities to stop repeated arrests of such serious patients and appealed to media circles to cover pitiable stories of suffering Hurriyat workers to help them improve their lot.

He said Muhammad Muhammad Ramzan Khan a long and young political worker was a test case who never publicised his chronic illness and the authorities never considered humanitarian aspect of his story. He hoped that the press would at least project such victims and the country could come to learn what was happening to helpless Hurriyat People’s health by indiscriminate detentions in jails and torture centers. Public awareness should be created on this issue and the newspapers and courts should equally promote and address these issues.
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