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SoS Appeal to Hon’ble Heads of,

1. The UN Human Rights Council Geneva,

2. Amnesty International,

3. Human Rights Watch

4. International Red Cross Society

5. International Red Crescent

6. The Doctors without Borders

                On behalf of the oppressed people of the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, I would like to apprise you of the horrifying and worsening human rights situation of our region, in which Indian troops and paratroopers are engaged in an undeclared war against the inhabitants to bring them under submission. There is explicitly great contradiction, enormity and an unabridged gulf between India’s claim of secularism and practice in relation to Kashmir and the Indian Muslims. Because, on the one side Indian leaders say that the Kashmiris are our  brothers and sisters, while on the other they do opposite, kill us like goats and sheep, burn and loot our properties and humiliate women.

Indian regime tries to absorb Kashmir with India by “various scientific arts of slaughter—the predatory instinct of its rulers has not been curbed.” Last year, India’s Hindutva racist rulers dismembered and fragmented the J&K State, merged it into India and passed a new Reorganization Act and, and Domicile law to change the history and demography of the Muslim majority region. It has deprived the people of the State of their right to honour, land and liberty. India has deployed over 7 hundred thousand army and paratroopers in the occupied Jammu, blocked the road towards a peaceful resolution of J&K;  and thus scraping the Kashmir-related special clauses—370 and 35 A of its own constitution.

After the abrogation of special status of the State a long curfew and lock-down was clamped on the disputed region; thousands of young and old people were picked during nocturnal police raids from every nook and corner of Kashmir, detained under the black laws in the far flung Indian jails. Whereabouts of many are yet unknown and the poor parents and families are in pitiable and impoverished conditions, wandering from pillar to post, as they have no resources to travel to far way detention centers. Some detainees passed away in jails during the last decades. The health of many other political prisoners has deteriorated but the Delhi rulers are used to prolong their imprisonment with ill-intent to inflict mental/physical torture on them in jails.  

 In Jan/Feb.2020, the lock-down was further stiffened under the pretext of fight against the COVID-19 and a third dose of curfew and lock-down was given in May, 2020, when a brutal military operation was carried out to kill a young fighter Imtiyaz Naiko in Beighpore Owantipore (Pulwama). Again, in the same month the army and police, blasted and rampaged about 20 residential houses in Srinagar’s Kanih Mazar- Nawakadal locality, killing Junaid Ansari, a young freedom fighter who happens to be a son of Ashraf Sahrai, Chairman J&K Tehreek e Hurriyet. Manhandling and humiliating the people on roads has been intensified by the police in these pandemic times. All this is impinging upon the basic liberties of the people and peace and stability of the region.  

During these operations and crack-downs, the army/police, do not spare pedestrians or drivers–civilians, or by-passers,  setting ablaze  and looting  shops and houses and killing whosoever innocently is seen walking along as road. In fact, violence in J&K is the by-product of India’s state-sponsored terrorism, excessive use of force, vindictiveness & revengeful police actions, enforced disappearances, thrashing youth on roads, arrests, long detentions in/ outside  the State, custodial killings etc. Young, old and teen-agers are targeted by the police, CRPF, BSF and army without any fault. Consequently, their brothers are radicalized. The dead bodies of the freedom fighters and civilians are not handed over to their bereaved families for their funeral rites because they are scared of the coffins carrying the mortal remains and the massive funeral processions of the martyrs. They don’t hold guns, they are simply mourners, yet India– an atomic power is addicted to a revengeful Hindutva psychology and ideology. Therefore, the mortal remains of the Kashmiri martyrs are buried at faraway places by the authorities.  It’s a bitter truth beyond any doubt that a Kashmiri does not feel himself or herself safe inside or outside of his or her home. The molestation of women, humiliation and thrashing of youth has become second nature of the police in Jammu and Kashmir.

And the same is repeated against the Kashmiri students, business men or travelers in the Indian cities and towns, and education institutions. Obviously, life, honour and property of a Kashmiri Muslim are no where safe and secure. The present Hindutva regime has declared a ruthless war on its Muslim population by making most anti-social, cruel and malicious changes and amendments in the country’s citizenship laws, demolishing the secular edifice of the Indian constitution. A Kashmiri himself sees no future in these changes of the India’s basic constitutional law, visualized, drafted and adopted by its forefathers in the Constituent Assembly of India in 1949. Obviously, if the life, culture, religion, worshiping places, commerce, employment and all other basic rights and liberties of the Indian Muslims or other minorities are not safe, how Kashmiris could be free, safe and secure. The State of Jammu and Kashmir was invaded and annexed by India in 1947. The UN had appointed its own administrator to hold plebiscite across the former princely State, but India always fabricated lame excuses and obstructed implementation of the UN resolutions.       

 No doubt, the people of Jammu & Kashmir have been facing repressive military operations for the last 30 years but the human rights environment has become extremely horrific after India’s Hindutva regime of RSS and BJP dismembered the State and began a strangling politics and blood-thirsty rule from Delhi on 5 August 2019. The Presidential ordinance followed by a majority RSS-BJP communal vote in both houses of the Parliament was no less than a racist coup, tearing apart the history, and geography to change the Muslim majority character of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Today, the secular constitution is only in name. No racist Hindu leader of BJP is ashamed, but takes pride in drinking a glass of cow-urine and rubbing cow-dung on the body to cure the COVID-19. The BJP regime happily is hammering the last nail in the coffin of the Indian secular constitution. The Kashmiris are forced to remain with this very Hindustan in the 21st century. How the two can co-exist?

Since the situation is very obscure and grim in the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir & Ladakh; the army and the paratroopers have a brutal grip, all the political leaders, workers, and youth in thousands are in jails, media has been muzzled; we request you to pay a visit to observe by yourselves the actual happenings in Kashmir. Kindly meet the victimized families and their near and dear ones in detention camps and jails. These points should be spotlighted:–

   1. Kashmir is under curfew & lockdown cycles, since 5 August, 2019. Today, it has been extended under the cover of Pandemic lockdown, but the people can’t breathe, they have no medical & relief facilities. Basically the political and military objectives of the Indian establishment are kept in mind. Thrashing and killing of people by the police continues as usual.                         

2. Even ordinary deaths are treated as pandemic deaths and funeral processions to the graveyard are not allowed.

3. Shoot to kill a youth in any fake encounter is order of the day. A dead body is dragged on roads, mutilated, taken into police custody and buried at faraway places without informing the bereaved parents and families.

4. The people live under two dreaded situations; 1. Army fear 2. Corona virus fear

5. The draconian laws, e.g. J&K Public Safety Act, Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, etc are lavishly used against the politicians and political workers to curb the dissent and civil liberties. Leaders and workers detained under these laws are currently in various jails of India and include some Kashmiri women leaders as well.

6. There are countless youth who have been forcibly disappeared by the army or police in J&K, but their whereabouts are unknown and as a result fear and anguish grip their families to the extent of causing psychological diseases and ailments in them.

7. Molestation of women and humiliation of young or old people and mutilation of the martyrs by the army and police at every nook & corner of J&K, particularly in the Kashmir valley and the Chenab valley is openly practiced and no FIR is registered by the concerned police.

9. Local emergency relief & aid groups are harassed when and if they collect relief for the victims of police operations. The establishments become totally exposed when self-help humanitarian feelings inspired the people to collect relief items for the blasted house-owners of the Nawakadal army operation in May 2020. The authorities threatened the voluntary donors and did not bother about the holy month of Ramadhan.

10. The novel Reorganization Act, the new Domicile Law, and the Delimitation of the Assembly and Parliamentary segments as now applicable to the fragmented State, are from every angle against Kashmir and its Muslim majority character.  Under the latest arbitrary provisions of the Modi regime Jammu and Kashmir’s previous Permanent State Residents law has been set aside and declared ultra-virus. The permanent inhabitants of J&K at a stretch become non-residents or outsiders. Under the new law Indian citizens can also fill in citizenship forms to acquire citizenship rights in J&K State. According to the new delimitation law, the Assembly and parliamentary seats can be reconstituted to reduce the Muslim seats in the Assembly and the Parliament. The new law can’t be challenged or questioned before any court of law.    11. Demography teaches that the Muslim majority Kashmir has a significant edge over Jammu, which (Jammu) had about 50% Muslim population before the 1947 Muslim genocide, when in the 1st week of November, 1947, about 3 hundred thousand Muslims were slaughtered by the RSS goons and Hindu-Maharaja’s troops and many more hundreds thousands were forced to flee and driven away to Pakistan. The present BJP Regime which believes in ethnic cleansing of the Indian Muslims has for the same purpose brought the new Citizenship Amendment Act on its statute- book. The regime is quite animus against Kashmir, in its present shape of a Muslim majority province. Therefore, the civilized world must shoulder moral and legal responsibility to save the people from the threat of ethnic cleansing and demographic change.

12. Every type of human rights atrocity has been documented by the HR groups of Kashmir during the past 30 years and every affected or victimized household remembers and is witness to ordeal he or others faced in the hands by the Indian army and police.

13. The oppressed Kashmiris are eager to relate the tragic episodes of the Indian tyranny phase-wise from 5 August 2020 onwards. So, they appeal you to visit here and sit with them and listen to their woes, as members of the humanitarian circle. The unfortunate families wish to share with you their grief and gloom. So that the international community is able to get better understanding of the sufferings of the people under this militarized region to seek a just solution according to the urges and aspirations of the people of Kashmir. Thank you

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani

Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Freedom League,

Senior Member Executive Council,

All Parties Hurriyat Conference(APHC), AJK/Pakistan chapter  

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