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26th January, Black Day for Kashmiris…

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Islamabad, January 25: The people of Jammu and Kashmir, in the Indian Illegally Occupied State and all across the world are going to observe the India’s Republic Day on 26th January, as Black Day, to emphasize on their demand for freedom and plebiscite as the only peaceful and pragmatic solution of the 74 years old international political dispute. This was stated by Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League ahead of the protest day, when the Modi Government has geared its military, police and civil machinery for some robust measures of crackdown in the occupied territory imposing internet and mobile ban to thwart public protests throughout the besieged and occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The black day has gained unusual importance after 5 August, 2019, because of India’s volt-face to merge Jammu and Kashmir with India after its fragmentation and demographic changes in violation of the UN Charter and relevant resolutions applicable to the erstwhile princely State. Today, it should be understood and underscored that hundreds of political leaders , workers and youth and members of the civil society of Kashmir are in jails outside the State facing fake and fabricated cases before the special courts or life sentences till death.

He said the illegal occupation of a wast territory of J&K is an ugly history of India’s broken commitments with the Kashmiris and violations of the UN resolutions and rulings from time to time. India first invaded and annexed the State without seeking permission from the inhabitants and then imposed her constitution on Kashmir on 26 January, 1950, when the debate in the Security Council was continuing and it had accepted the UNCIP resolutions of 13 August,1948 and 5 August, 1949 for holding plebiscite across the State. India granted unilaterally a special status to Jammu and Kashmir under it’s own constitutional special clauses and guaranteed the State’s demographic character. Notwithstanding, it acted on constitutional abuses, issuing Presidential ordinances frequently to extend central laws in place of local laws in Kashmir.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani stated that Indian Hindutva Modi regime, flouting it’s own constitution and guarantees, abrogated the special clauses 370 and 35A of the Constitution and dismembered and merged it only to make it a colony of India. Such ignominious attempts by India cast doubts on it as a democratic republic and a member of the world community. India’s role in Jammu and Kashmir and with it’s own 300 million Muslim citizens belies her claims and promises as a secular democratic country and therefore, today the people of Jammu and Kashmir reject Its Constitution and laws and vow to fight against Indian illegal military and colonial rule of Kashmir. Today , we again appeal to the world community to take cognizance of the unfolding events in J&K, holding Modi regime answerable before it to compel it for holding a UN sponsored plebiscite according to the relevant resolutions and preventing any demographic changes in Jammu and Kashmir. “
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