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Profile of a great Kashmiri martyr; Bashir Ahmed Sheikh Gazi

February 14, 2017 Leave a comment

bashir-ahmad-sheikh-gaziBy Muhammad Abdullah 13|02|2107
The Senior most Commander of Jammu and Kashmir Al-Fatah Force Bashir Ahmed Sheikh, nom de guerre Gazi, martyred on 13th February 2002, was born at Kaloosa Bandipora in a peasant family. This hamlet has produced some of well known martyred commanders like:Abdul Khaliq Ganai(Jemal Afghani) and Nazir Ahmed Shah. Shaheed Abdul Majeed Khan also belonged to the same town.
Shaheed Bashir Ahmed Sheikh starled his political activities as pro-freedom activist in 1970s under the inspirations of Muhammad Farooq Rehman, who was then Chairman of the People’s League and today Chairman J&K People’s Freedom League. In 1988 Gazi Bashir Ahmad Sheikh joined the armed kaloosa-basheer-ahmad-sheikh-gazi-graveyardresistance for freedom of the State. He was imprisoned several times by Police and became famous in Kashmir North. In1989, he was arrested and detained in Sangrore Jail of India. He spent some years in Rajasthan jail also. Bashir Ahmed Sheikh was released in 1992, and became Chief Commander of the former Jihad Force. But, again arrested in 1994 at Barzulla Srinagar. Read more…

Kashmir Tragedy and Responsibilities

August 3, 2012 Leave a comment

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Kashmir Tragedy and Responsibilities

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 Eyes are tearful, and forlorn
 Kashmir’s plight knows Allah
 Kashmir made a riddle, not to solve
 As, they like bullet and blood
 Who has to gain out of blood?
 Greedy and inhuman of the world
 When Kashmiris will rise, speak
 Make their line of destiny?
 Mothers look for disappeared sons,
 And wolves are hunting youths
 The clock is ticking,
 Killers are trembling
 Oppressed will unite one day,
 And pinpoint masked killers
 The sword may not speak,
 But blood will thunder, and curse the killer

Jammu and Kashmir is not a dispute of land, or water; as is evident from the political struggle of its inhabitants since 1931, and numerous resolutions adopted by the UN on holding of plebiscite here. It is a political and humanitarian question, with its bedrock being the right of self-determination. Regional powers may look concerned about their interests, but the Kashmiris are serious about their destiny as a nation of 13 million inhabitants. When greed for grabbing other nation’s territories and lands surfaces high, small nations are treated as sale commodities; as a result flames of rage and revenge spring up, political rights are subdued and suppressed, and moral values are ignored; and disputes become insoluble between the states. Now a days Kashmir is not a paradise; it’s a slaughter-house since 1990, when the occupying power unleashed its killing machine; and changed the beautiful region into a graveyard for its inhabitants. India gave unbridled and brute powers to its army and police till the innocent people were deprived of their basic human rights. The inhabitants in general and the families of the sympathizers and activists of the political movement in particular, were subjected to loot, arson, molestation, criminal assault, murder and rape by Indian forces and police, during the past 22 years of military operations in the State.
Keeping this in view, the Kashmiris constantly urge the UNO to investigate into the crimes that were committed by Indian army and paratroopers, and continue even today against the innocent people of Kashmir to stifle their voice for freedom and the right of self-determination. Crimes against humanity by India in Kashmir fall under numerous categories and have been perpetrated on men, women and children almost in every village, town, and city of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s also evident from numberless graves and graveyards both marked and unmarked all over the State. India was never questioned, nor brought before the International Court of Justice for her trail of crimes against humanity in Kashmir during the last 22 years. As a result we find every morning being added fresh stories of travail to our sordid and distorted history of life and death. Fathers dumb with grief and mothers crying can’t stop tears from flowing for arrested, brutalized, or forcibly disappeared sons, or near and dear ones. The United Nations Organization should act now against crime perpetrators of the innocent Kashmiris, like Srebrenica and other such regions to encourage and ensure true reconciliation and conflict resolution across this region. Read more…