Farooq Rehmani denounces Ramzan Khan’s arrest

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Srinagar:■ The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has strongly condemned an over night police raid on the office of J&K People’s Freedom League arresting the party ‘s General Secretary , Muhammad Remzan Khan who is ill for a long time. Muhammad Farooq Rehmani demanded his immediate release and said the arrest of political workers and leaders is aimed at harassing and torturing them and their families vindictively to achieve the regime’s malicious designs.
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Police arrest JKPFL leader Ramzan Khan in Srinagar, whereabouts unknown; PFL strongly condemn the arrest

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Srinagar, Sept 21 (PR): The General Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League (JKPFL), a constituent of Hurriyat Conference (G), Muhammad Ramzan Khan has been arrested by Indian police in an overnight raid on the Party office in Rajbagh Srinagar.
Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League has strongly condemned the illegal arrest of its leader Ramzan Khan and demanded his immediate release. The party expressed his deep concern and is worried over his whereabouts, because it is not yet known where J&K police had kept him.
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Profile:بشیر احمد شیخ شہیدالمعروف غازی

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Profile: بشیر احمد غازی

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Profile of a great Kashmiri martyr; Bashir Ahmed Sheikh Gazi

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bashir-ahmad-sheikh-gaziBy Muhammad Abdullah 13|02|2107
The Senior most Commander of Jammu and Kashmir Al-Fatah Force Bashir Ahmed Sheikh, nom de guerre Gazi, martyred on 13th February 2002, was born at Kaloosa Bandipora in a peasant family. This hamlet has produced some of well known martyred commanders like:Abdul Khaliq Ganai(Jemal Afghani) and Nazir Ahmed Shah. Shaheed Abdul Majeed Khan also belonged to the same town.
Shaheed Bashir Ahmed Sheikh starled his political activities as pro-freedom activist in 1970s under the inspirations of Muhammad Farooq Rehman, who was then Chairman of the People’s League and today Chairman J&K People’s Freedom League. In 1988 Gazi Bashir Ahmad Sheikh joined the armed kaloosa-basheer-ahmad-sheikh-gazi-graveyardresistance for freedom of the State. He was imprisoned several times by Police and became famous in Kashmir North. In1989, he was arrested and detained in Sangrore Jail of India. He spent some years in Rajasthan jail also. Bashir Ahmed Sheikh was released in 1992, and became Chief Commander of the former Jihad Force. But, again arrested in 1994 at Barzulla Srinagar. Read more…

JKPFL pay tributes to Bashir Ahmad Sheikh (Gazi) and others on their 15th anniversary

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Islamabad, Feb 12 (PR): Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has paid glowing tributes to Shaheed Bashir Ahmad Sheikh nom de gurre Gazi, chief commander of Al Fatah Force, and his companions: Shabir Ahmad Mir (Waqas), Abdul Ahad Jan and and Saleem Khan, who were martyred by the Indian army and SOG, in one of the terrible Bandipora` encounters on 13, February 2002 in Watruna Bandipora. Read more…

Farooq Rehmani pays tribute to Shaheed Yousuf Zangi; urges India to stop pursuing anti-Kashmir agenda

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kashmir, zangi, bandipora

JKPFL leaders and workers offering fateh at the grave of Muhammad Yousuf AKA Zangi

Srinagar, January 22: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has urged India to desist from changing the demographic composition of Jammu and Kashmir, perpetuating state terrorism, and give the right of self-determination to the State people under the UN resolutions of plebiscite.
Muhammad Farooq Rehmani in his telephonic address on the 17th martyrdom anniversary of prominent mujahid leader, Muhammad Yousuf Zangi, called on the UN Secretary General to implement the UNCIP resolutions on the question of holding plebiscite in the former autonomous princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. The telephonic speech was delivered to an audience which gathered today in Bandipora on the occasion of commemorating martyrdom of ex Al Fatah Force chief Muhammad Yousuf Chopan AKA Zangi. Read more…

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Satirical: Azad ‪Kashmir‬ Ke Election by Farooq Rehmani

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آزاد ‫#‏کشمیر‬ کے الیکشن
چہرے ہیں مختلف مگر کردار ایک ہیں ۔۔ آر پار سب گماشتے جو ایک ہیں۔
چہرے ہیں مختلف پر کردار ایک ہیں۔۔ نو دو لتیو ں اور تا جرو ں کے نعرے جو ایک ہیں
کہتے ہیں کہ یہ خطہ بیس کیمپ ہے۔ لیکن یہاں 70 تک کسے ووٹ کا حق تھا ۔
مجاہدو ں نے قربانیاں دیں آزادی کے لئے ۔۔ لیکن تاجر بن کے اس کی بسا ط الٹ دی ۔
سٹیٹ سبجکٹ کی تقسیم عام ہے ۔ اس میں نہیں تمیز کوئی اصل و نقل ہے ۔
آتے ہیں بدل بدل کر سارے فقیر بھیس ۔ پرانی شر ا ب ڈ ا ل کر بو تل میں ڈال کے ۔
مرنا لکھا مذ ہب پہ بس کشمیر یو ں کے نصیب ۔۔ دیگر تمام الیکشن اور ٹریڈ پر چلے
حلیہ مجاہدوں کا اور شہیدوں کا تم بناؤ۔ اور سراب اور فریب کی دنیا بھی جا بساؤ
جتنی چاہو پارٹیاں بد لاؤ اور بنا ؤ۔کشمیر کے نام پر جاؤ اور موج خوب منا ؤ

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